Exchange to the USA: A wonderful experience!

| 19-09-2016
Jesuïtes_Casp_Mobilitat Internacional
Jesuïtes_Casp_Mobilitat Internacional

Avui dilluns 19 s'han incorporat a les classes de Casp els 33 alumnes de Secundària que han participat en el projecte d'intercanvi dels Estats Units del 26 d’agost al 17 de setembre.

Tres alumnes de 1r de Batxillerat de l'escola han fet arribar el testimoni següent als seus companys:


Exchange to the USA: A wonderful experience!

On September 26th we took our flight from Barcelona to Philadelphia. Once there, the big group would depart to three different destinations. One group went to Cleveland, the other one went to Indianapolis and the last one went to Cincinnati. 

The main goal of this wonderful exchange experience was to discover a different culture, to interact with new people and to improve our English skills. We had the opportunity to enjoy the weekends (including Labor Day weekend), visit the city where we stayed, go to football matches and many things more! We also went to school where we had the chance to become part of their educational system, their big facilities, share their passion for sports and the spirit they feel for the games.

We would like to thank the host families that welcomed us because they have taken care of us really well as if we were part of their family. We will never forget what we have experienced here and all the things we keep in our hearts. We can’t wait to see them again in April!


Marta Casadellà, Clara Duart i Anna Ratera

Alumnes 1r Batxillerat Jesuïtes Casp

(Mother of Mercy, Cincinnati)